Career Changer

If you have experience in the workforce and are considering a career change but have no idea what else you could do.

I will help you to discover a career area you will be more engaged in and that will utilize your skills to your full potential.

  • Guidance and Advice on Options
  • Planning your Next Career Move
  • Updating and Optimizing your online presence Linkedin and Social Media
  • Preparing for Interview
  • CV Development and Critique


Graduates and Adult Career Changers

If you are getting your Career up and running or are looking for a change in career direction i can help you.  I can assist you through a range of services that can be tailored to your needs.

6.25 Seconds

Spent by employers on CV’s

We offer a range of services designed to help you through those first essential stages of Job Hunting to ensure that you will stand out from the crowd, imediately  (in the right way).

  • Package A: Career Path Consultation
  • Package B: Professional CV
  • Package C: Professional CV and LinkedIn Development and Critique
  • Package D: Interview Preparation

Career Choice Service for Senior Cycle and Leaving Cert Students

Are you a Secondary School Study? Do you know what subjects you need to choose for your Leaving Certificate or are you confused about filling out a CAO form?

If you need to clarify your subjects choice for the Leaving Certificate or you are in Sixth Year completing your CAO form and need help with career direction.

I can assist you choose future study options and career paths best suited to you.

12,000 job titles

Which are you suited to?

Unfortunately, 1 in 7 students starting out in third-level college this Autumn will drop out within their first year. 

It can be avoided by spending time now considering all options and finding the best path forward for you.

Results and Outcomes

  • Understand Career areas that match your skills and personality.
  • The correct subject choice for paths into College and further studies
  • CAO application choices
  • Focused Study plan for Christmas and Pre exams
  • Target and goal setting for exams

How the Process Works?

Session 1: Consultation and Assessment

  • Individual consultation 1hr face to face, Student Led
  • Psychometric assessment via on-line platform:
  • Career Interests
  • Skills & Abilities
  • Personality type assessment

Session 2: Review and Feedback

  • Individual Feedback with Student
  • Review of Psychometric assessment results
  • Parent Consultation
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Career and further studies Plan

To discuss your career options or getting more information please give us a call or an email.