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Looking for a Career Change


Are you stuck in a rut in your Career? Have you been working the same job for so long and know you are not enjoying it? You know you need a change but you do not know what to do next.

Secondary School Student

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Are you a Leaving Certificate student and need to fill out a CAO form this year but do not know what you want to do? Maybe your are a TY student about to pick your subjects and you do not know what subjects your should choose.

Recent College Graduate

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Are you currently in college with no idea what you want to do after college?. Maybe you are currently in college but unhappy in your college course or maybe you are a college graduate and need help discovering career areas that best suit you.

Laura Greene

Hello from Career Pathway.  My name is Laura Greene and I am a professional Career Consultant who is here to help you move forward in your Career. For more information on my Career services and how I can help you put in place a career path that you find fulfilling get in contact on [email protected] or 087 2390623

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